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The long march     Seize every minute

In the long journey of brand building, not only wisdom and courage, but also perseverance and toughness are needed. Since 2006 participated in the food industry, we set foot on the journey as thousands of miles, round the clock, we rank top ten in baking food industry as image of "a rising star ".

As of now, Huitouke Food has established more than 800 acres of garden style production base in Fujian, Shandong, Hubei, Sichuan and Jilin, owning about 200000 m2 of modern ecological plant, with more than 100 automatic production lines, and laid a solid foundation for the stable quality of products.

Strengthening the star products is the basic strategy for the rapid rise of Huitouke Food. The enterprise's products, including Dorayaki, European cakes, have won countless loyal customer groups. With waffles, potato chips and other new products have been listed, will help the brand drive into the fast lane, to achieve achievements.

In the market operation, Huitouke Food imports expansion mode of “quality first, intensive farming is king ", accelerates channel development, creates more than 1 thousand" brand special zones", more than 1 million terminal sales outlets, in order to build a county-level distribution based, distribution to the town marketing network.

The future road, unlimited extension, the road is under our foot and the landscape is in the distance. More than 2000 employees, with a dream, the same goal, cohesion positive energy, creating a new chapter, we are on the way......

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